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Aug 24 2009

Nov 5 2007

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Product security up
DomainScan Pro is built to be secure by design, and the source is created with that in mind (See also this article).

The scanning engine is an active scanner, which means that all network transactions are initiated by DomainScan.

DomainScan Pro is not capable of listening or responding to any network traffic, unless itís expecting a response from a query that DomainScan Pro has initiated.

All network communication is done though various Windows network services, which means that all communication is monitored by the Windows Firewall (if present), and DomainScan Pro does not try to add exceptions to the firewall.

The code path, that handles information that is received from any device, is extensively tested in order to minimize the risk of attack possibilities. To illustrate, the network interface layer compiles with no security warnings in Visual Studio 2008 (C++).

The DomainScan Pro Engine is furthermore turned off, when itís not scanning, and the Control Service cannot communicate with the network.

Virus, spyware and adware up
GH Software is not interested in, and will not be interested in, the inclusion of spyware/adware capabilities to any of its products.

Independent vendors have confirmed that there are no viruses, spyware or adware in any product from GH Software:

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