GDB - GH Software Database format

The database subsystem in DomainScan Pro, DomainScan, DomainScan Light and NetScanG is called GH Software Database Format or GDB.
It is a special purpose database system that allows for high I/O performance for this particular type of software.

GDB supports 64 bit addressing, transparent data compression, and a number of built-in performance and security features makes it both fast, reliable and secure.

RevisionUsed by
3.8DomainScan Pro v2.8+. DomainScan 6.6
3.7DomainScan Pro v2.71..74. DomainScan 6.51..6.53
3.6DomainScan Pro v2.7. DomainScan 6.5
3.5DomainScan v2.6+. DomainScan Light 6.3+
3.4DomainScan v2.5 .. v2.53. DomainScan Light 6.1 .. 6.21
3.3DomainScan v2.3 .. v2.31sr1. DomainScan Light 6.0
3.2DomainScan v2.2 .. v2.27. NetScanG v5.2 .. v5.25
3.1DomainScan v2.1. NetScanG v5.1
3.0DomainScan v2.0 .. v2.02. NetScanG v5.0 .. v5.01

2.xDomainScan v1.1 .. v1.71. NetScanG v3.x, NetScanG v4.x
1.xDomainScan v1.0 .. v1.05sr7. NetScanG v1.x, v2.x

GDB Database analyzer

The Database Analyzer is a free tool for analyzing GDB databases, which are used by DomainScan Pro, DomainScan 2, DomainScan Light and NetScanG 5.

Features To analyze a database from DomainScan 1.x or NetScanG 1-4, use the integrated analyzer in DomainScan / NetScanG.




Jan 5th, 2009


Usage: 1) Download and extract to the DomainScan installation folder. 2) Run, and open database to analyze/upgrade