DomainScan documentation
DomainScan - Server monitoring
MainMain dialog
DevicesInformation about Servers, workstations, laptops and any other network device (Device types)
UsersInformation about the selected user
DomainsInformation about domains and workgroups
Monitor WizardLaunches the monitor wizard, where monitors can be defined or edited
Response WizardLaunches the responses wizard, where responses can be defined or edited
NotificationsLaunches the notification center, where notification setup and behavior can be set
Network search
Disk & printer sharesSearch network devices for shares and printers.
Files and foldersSearch network devices for files or folders
Multimedia codecsSearch network devices for multimedia codecs.
ProcessSearch devices for running processes.
ServiceSearch devices for services
IP and MAC addressesSearch for IP or MAC addresses.
SNMP BrowserOpens a browser where the its possible to browse the SNMP on network devices
WMI BrowserOpens a browser where the its possible to browse the WMI on network devices
Network tools
Ping / port scannerOpens the ping tool
Send messageOpens a dialog where a message to remote computers can be sent.
ShutdownOpens a dialog from where remote computers can be shut down
Wake on lanOpens a dialog from where remote computers can be woken remotely.
VisualizationInformation about the visualization engine.
Data analysisLink to the breakdown tool, where the network is analyzed in groups.
Domain reportOpens the report generator from where a domain report can be created.
Usage graphsDomainScan records detailed information about the number of online computers, servers, users and more, which can be visualized by the built-in visualization unit.
Device listsView and edit device lists where one can specify additional devices that are to be scanned
TCP PortsView and edit the names of the TCP ports
Service installationInstall or remove DomainScan Service
SetupCustomize client and service settings
Setup WizardInformation about the Setup Wizard
Getting startedA short introduction to DomainScan
Release NotesHardware and software requirements. License information and important notes
ShortcutsTable with short cut keys that are used by DomainScan
Online links
Trouble shootingLink to the webpage, on the GH software website, that contains trouble shooting information.
Database analyzerThe database analyzer can perform various actions to the database file.

Freeware notes up
DomainScan is freeware, and is provided 'as-is'.

GH Software will do their best to support you, if you encounter problems with DomainScan. However, with DomainScan being a free product, GH Software cannot guarantee that all problems will be solved

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