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DomainScan help
The help section is also shipped with DomainScan, and can be launched by pressing F1 in the main window.

Known issues
Known problems in DomainScan.

News about DomainScan.

White papers, knowledge base, advanced support articles and background information about DomainScan.

Contact GH Software
If you encounter any problem, please don’t hesitate to contact GH Software by mail.

Please don’t modify the subject that is provided by this link. This is to ensure that the mail is not caught by the spam-filter.

Database analyzer
Free tool that can be used to upgrade a DomainScan Standard/Light database to a DomainScan Pro/Server Monitoring database or to identify problems.

Download archive
Older, but unsupported, releases of DomainScan
Support policy:
Please write to for support.