DomainScan Server Monitoring - Changelog
Date Version Changes
Sep 7, 2015 7,21 Client:
New: Preliminary Support for Windows Server 2016
Fixed: Windows 10 was displayed as 'Windows 10.0 (workstation) instead of Windows 10

New: Preliminary Support for Windows Server 2016

Apr 19, 2015 7,2 Client:
New: Support for Windows 10
Fixed: Windows 8.1 was displayed as 'Vista based core' instead of Windows 8.1

New: Support for Windows 10

Aug 12, 2013 7,12 Client:
New: Added option in Preferences to set the option for the enabling of critical auto recovery
Changed: Minor dashboard UI update
Fixed: Bug in the Monitor Wizard where editing of an existing monitor would select the wrong 'Connect as'

New: Support for Windows 8.1 / Server 2012 R2
New: Alias devices is now detected so that the same device will not be detected twice
New: Database recovery from critical stops is now possible as long as backup is set and enabled.
Fixed: Bug in Monitor evaluation algorighm that used an integer value instead of a double

June 5, 2012 7,11 Client:
New: Support for Windows 8

New: Support for Windows 8

June 14, 2011 7,1 Client:
New: Device and user information "information-cyclus"
New: Visualization engine: Graph information is now shown in a "information-cyclus"
New: Graph information can be shown in embedded graphs
New: Last backup time is now written in the 'Location & Backup' GUI
Changed: Application memory manager to FastMM v4.97
Changed: DomainScan iConnect slightly updated
Changed: "Locked" to "Busy" to indicate that sync with the database isn't possible
Improved: Reporting information GUI.
Improved: 'Location & Backup' GUI, so that it's simpler
Improved: Sum/average graph information UI.
Fixed: The folder locations may be saved incorrectly.
Fixed: The Y coordinate might be a "huge" number when the mouse was below the X-axis
Fixed: The Y-range information showed data from min to min instead of min to max
Fixed: The min/max information in the graph information was incorrect

New: Registry data is also backed up
New: The time of the last completed backup is now stored
Changed: Application memory manager to FastMM v4.97
Changed: Global event log is now truncated after backup if 'truncate' option is set.
Removed: 'SuggestLogLevel' registry option
Fixed: Bug removed in the data gathering module that could lead to data collection stopping in the middle of collecting.
Fixed: A bug which caused OS Install date not to be retrieved.
Fixed: A bug in the data gathering module that caused MAC addresses not to be resolved
Fixed: A bug in the cache cleanup routine that could lead to pointer corruption (and thereby crashing the application)

July 11, 2010 7,0 SR1 Client:

Fixed: Domain resolution bug, that caused domains to be recreated over and over again.
Fixed: That the first event time was incorrect

Apr 28, 2010 7,00 Client:
New: Editor to handle Device lists, including the new XML based device list format.
New: One can now choose between several fonts in the visualization unit
Changed: GH Software Online renamed to DomainScan iConnect
Changed: Updated a number of texts
Changed: DomainScan Pro renamed to DomainScan Server Monitoring
Changed: DomainScan Pro is now freeware
Changed: Main menu reorganisation
Changed: A number of icons
Improved: New version of the visualization engine added, which is much faster and easier to use
Fixed: '0x18' crash bug (NULL pointer error)

New: The watchdog service can now detect a seldom 'eternal scanning loop' condition in the scanning engine
New: ADInter.dll <-> DomainScan communication protocol and APIs
Fixed: Windows 7 Professional is now correctly detected
Fixed: Domain naming bug that could cause the domain suffix to become '0'
Fixed: Domain discovery bug that caused certain domains to be discovered as new at each scan
Changed: Source code reorganised

Aug 10, 2009 2,83 Client:
New: Editor to handle Device lists, including the new XML based device list format.
New: TCP Port editor.
New: One can now see information about Security products in 'device information' and in the main window (using Field Chooser)
New: One can now see information about Internet Explorer in 'device information' and in the main window (using Field Chooser)
New: One can specify that WMI Monitors must only execute on devices that is known to support WMI
New: Notifications can be marked as ignored.
Changed: Main menu slighty reorganised
Changed: Memory manager changed to FastMM
Removed: Old 'Device list' and 'port' editors removed from Setup.

New: Security product detection (Antivirus, Antispyware and Firewall products)
New: Internet Explorer version detection.
New: Notifications can be ignored
New: Support for the new XML based device list format.
New: One can specify that WMI Monitors must only execute on devices that is known to support WMI
Improved: Detection of laptops (and portable devices in general)
Improved: Stability during preprocessing.
Changed: Domain names for user defined domains altered for "legacy" device lists.
Changed: Memory manager changed to FastMM
Changed: Information gathering classes redone to enable multi-namespace support.
Fixed: Handling of internal classes to maintain expandable lists (such as TCP ports) in order to avoid creation of empty segments.
Fixed: Various memory leaks and potentiel buffer overrun.
Fixed: A bug that caused that additional devices wasn't included, unless devices we're already in the scan queue
Fixed: Notification emails are not issues, if there are no notifications
Fixed: 'Webserver' devices didn't use the WMI interface.

June 9, 2009 2,82 Client:
New: Device value & net worth calculation reports
New: Redesigned dashboard.
New: 'Management' page to the Device UI, which can be used to maintain price and warranty information.
New: 5 new fields to the device field chooser (related to the new 'Management' page in the Device UI).
Changed: 'Trend graphs' renamed to 'Usage graphs'
Changed: Device UI: 'Information' renamed to 'Overview' and 'Numbers' renamed to 'Details'.
Changed: Dates are now generally formatted as yyyy-mm-dd instead of
Changed: DomainScan Service information moved to a 'Outlook' panel
Changed: Scan time graph moved to the Service outlook panel
Improved: Reporting capabilities
Improved: Ping and port scanner user interface redesigned
Improved: Networt tools user interface
Improved: Multiple new reports added
Improved: User feedback during initialization / initial scan
Improved: Copy-functionality in main/ping and Data analysis improved
Improved: Domain Report UI redesigned
Fixed: Paused-IP Range monitors were included in the monitor-matrix view
Fixed: Notifications filters and copy functions not implemented in the Notifications UI
Fixed: A bug in the Address Tracker UI, that caused IPv4 matches even though one were searching for IPv6 addresses

New: Devices can now contain information about price, warranty and purchase date
Fixed: Offline-devices would only set the monitor failure count to 1, even though multiple events may have failed
Fixed: Device CPU load exceeded 100%
Fixed: Online devices is marked as obsolete

Mar 4, 2009 2,81 Client:
New: A click on the dashboard will now cause that the Information panel shows mount information
New: Click on row-headers (devices/users) to shows aggregate information in the Information panel
New: One can now double click on more items on the Dashboard
New: Domains can now be deleted
New: Domains, devices and users can now be merged
Changed: The outlook information panel will always be shown if an item in the device, user, monitor or date panel is selected
Changed: Overview renamed to Information (in the Outlook panel)
Changed: The Field Chooser system is completely redesigned and is now stored using XML.
Improved: Device and user information in the Outlook bar is redesigned.
Improved: Horisontal lines in the Notification form is now more visible
Improved: DomainScan will now warn more about license unit usage saturation
Improved: Handling of the ESC sequence in device/user/domain UI's
Fixed: A space character between Windows and 2003 may be missing
Fixed: Device 'Graph' and not 'Notes' was affected by the no-note Kiosk mode setting

New: Added memory size gathering via SNMP
Fixed: Events were filtered away due to being compared to the Notification filter
Fixed: Notifications are now created when a user exceeds it's number of allowed logins.
Fixed: CPU load can only be a number between 0 and 100
Fixed: The device postprocessing could loop forever if a worker thread terminated unexpectedly

Jan 14, 2009 2,80 Client:
New: One can now choose whether any or all trigger conditions must be meet by the event before a response can be executed
New: Trigger conditions in the Response wizard is now placed in its own step
New: Event settings in the Monitor wizard is now placed in its own step
New: CPU and memory load graphs are now shown in the Device dialog
New: One can now specify an alternative SNMP login for devices
New: Notification setup/overview section added
New: CPU speed/usage, Disk size/usage and Memory size/usage is now shown
New: Improved Vista-support: DomainScan will now automatically query Windows for Administrator privileges
New: Preliminary Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2 support (Based upon Beta 1)
Updated: The Device List user interface is redesigned
Updated: When targets are selected in a Monitor/Response wizard, all affected devices will now have tri-state checkboxes, if the domain has been selected
Updated: The Device, User and Domain dialogs
Updated: The monitor/response selection in the Domain UI will no longer show events (to simplify selection)
Updated: All UI parts where monitors/responses where shown
Updated: Monitor/Response selection simplified
Updated: Backend middleware libraries updated to the most recent edition
Updated: Notification setup can no longer be set from within Setup (The Notification dialog must be used)
Improved: Graphs are rendered slightly faster
Improved: The Device UI overview page is redesigned, and more informative, yet simpler
Improved: Main device list column rendering/sorting speed has improved on selected columns
Improved: Template import auto incremental suffixing (2), (3), (4) etc. added to monitor/response template import function.
Improved: Monitor/response handling when devices/users enables or disables inheritage
Improved: Device and user dialogs update logic improved
Fixed: User information dialog: The currently used list now works again
Fixed: A reference to the old registry path that caused the old path key to be created

New: The entire monitoring subsystem has been replaced with an updated Control engine, which unifies all processing
New: CPU speed/usage, Disk size/usage and Memory size/usage is now stored so that the Client can extract information faster
New: CPU + RAM size/usage is now written to stat files.
New: CPU Load audit added
New: Event matrix filters added, so that one can filter events (and notifications)
New: Preliminary Windows 7 / Windows 2008 R2 support (Based upon Beta 1)
Changed: GDB revision is now 3.8
Changed: Using Windows NT4 as the host OS is no longer usable
Changed: Per-device event file is now disabled by default.
Changed: 'Peripherals' information is now collected during the 1st scan
Changed: Severity can now go beyond 99 with AutoIncrease
Updated: Device list handling is now done with a new Device List parser.
Updated: Device List naming convention slightly changed
Updated: Unified monitor/event processing, so that Messages and summaries can be extracted as HTML and Text.
Updated: Task deadlines are now injected as notifications
Updated: Backend middleware libraries updated to the most recent edition
Updated: The interface library is now built with Visual Studio 2008
Fixed: A bug in the mail unit that caused Event mails not to be sent, unless a notification target was set
Fixed: A bug in change tracking, that caused disksize/diskcount to be reset (unless audit was active during the scan)
Fixed: A bug in the OSVersion() function that caused that the Vista version is shown incorrectly

July 30, 2008 2,74 Client:
New: One can now use Ctrl+1..5 to navigate the tabs in the main panel.
New: One can now copy the content of a cell in grids by using Ctrl+C
New: Option so that one can disable balloon tips in the main window.
New: Explore menu added to the Device dialog.
Improved: One can now connect to a device both by name and IP address.
Improved: SMTP connection tester
Improved: Security login tester
Improved: Device tracking UI
Improved: User feedback in various places.
Reworked: Setup interface
Redesigned: SMTP and Security pages in ‘Setup’
Fixed: Random ‘comm error’ bug while retrieving information about a user from the directory.
Fixed: [Bug 98] Content not cleared, when a filter option from the combo box was applied
Fixed: A bug in device-tracking that caused that the shown device type was always equal to the current type.

Added: SMTP daemon now supports servers that requires authentication
New: Information gathering from the LanManager service is optional
New: DomainScan can now detect the Virtual Machine provider (such as VMware, Microsoft and Xen)
New: Users within a domain will now be marked as obsolete 90 days after they are removed from the directory.
Changed: Basic audit is now required for all other audit options to work.
Improved: Scanning algorithm and related sub-algorithms
Fixed: All notifications are now sent to the ‘Notification receiver’
Fixed: The ‘Event cleared’ notification is now issued correctly
Fixed: Could not delete Security credentials
Removed: Support for old ‘DomainScan’ main registry key

June 3, 2008 2,73 Client:
New: One can now set the SMTP “From” name, which is ‘DomainScan Pro’ by default
New: One can now clear the ‘recent files’ list.
New: ‘Default path’ option in Setup.
Improved: The user interface is slightly updated.
Improved: Database mount time reduced.
Improved: Database caching highly improved and much more efficient.
Improved: Database reader engine, which causes higher performance and fixes some outstanding issues (such as bug #90 and #91)
Improved: DomainScan Pro service monitor.
Improved: User feedback during scan, in particular during initial scan.
Changed: Database cache size is now 64MB (up from 32MB)
Changed: [Local users] is now counted in when the number of online domains are calculated in the dashboard.
Changed: The ‘service installation’ user interface is completely redesigned and is much more informative.
Changed: ‘Search’ renamed to ‘Network search’
Changed: ‘Preferences’ renamed to ‘DomainScan Pro Setup’
Fixed: A bug in the graphical unit, which could lead to incorrect formatting of axis-texts.

Changed: Pre-commit files renamed.
Changed: The default registry key-name is now ‘DomainScan Pro’. However ‘DomainScan’ will be used on existing installations.
Fixed: A bug that caused that notifications about connection problems were never cleared if the device were offline in the following scan
Improved: Service management routines
Fixed: A bug in the database that caused the database to increase in size by 1KB per scan, and thus leading to gradually slower performance.
Fixed: An error, which could lead to problems when DomainScan was running on Windows 2000 (or NT 4)
Improved: GDB performance and stability

Apr 22, 2008 2,72 Client:
New: ‘Web server’ device type added
New: One can now launch a default remote share from within the device overview
New: ‘Matrix view’ added to the monitor overview
New: ‘Device usage’ graph added to the user information dialog.
Improved: The number of pending database changes are now shown again.
Fixed: Remote changes to the database are not committed.
Fixed: The event counter on a device may not be cleared.
Fixed: Some minor UI issues

New: ‘Device usage’ statistics are now collected
Improved: The service will now detect if a per-device files are present which causes improved client performance.
Improved: Mail queue added, so that mails that couldn’t be sent when created will be resend again later.
Changed: HOSTS file discovery is now off by default

Mar 25, 2008 2,71 Client:
New: Browse ‘per-folder’ option added in device and user dialogs.
New: One can now assign a user to task deadlines, and assigned users can be nagged (by mail)
New: Monitor-wizard shortcut added to the monitor page in devices/users dialogs
New: One can assign custom email addresses to users.
Changed: Device/User Note panel renamed to Organize
Changed: ‘Other/Script’ folder renamed to ‘Per-device’.
Improved: Service panel in Dashboard can now be resized.
Improved: Directory panel in the Domain dialog can now be resized.
Fixed: A few UI issues

New: Nagging mails can be issued
New: The local device can now be forced to be found during discovery.
Updated: GDB Revision 3.7
Changed: Statistics: Users are
now counted in their domain and not the domain that the device belongs to. Improved: LDAP synchronization is now threaded.

Feb 29, 2008 2,70 Client:
Changed: Client application renamed to DomainScan Pro
New: Domain tab in the Information section
New: Filter tab in the Information section
New: One can now change or lock the domains for devices and users
New: The Information window can now be grouped by devices
New: Filters can be applied to the Device, User, Monitor and Information window
New: The background colour will change in the Device, User, Monitor and Information window when a filter is active
Updated: Artwork
Changed: Domain settings user interface redesigned
Changed: Device and users information interfaces updated
Changed: Settings interface updated
Changed: “User deadline” renamed to “Task deadline”
Improved: Task deadlines functionality
Improved: Time/interval filter functionality
Improved: Device/User note can now be opened in the default RTF editor
Removed: Database tab removed from the Information section
Removed: Computers & Devices can no longer be split into two windows

New: Devices and users can now be locked to a specific domain.
New: Domains can now operate with a custom scanning interval (i.e. don’t monitor in each scan)
Updated: GDB Revision 3.6
Updated: Scanning engine is more robust and modular
Changed: Domain audit settings are now inherited
Improved: Per-device folders are also deleted when a device is deleted
Fixed: A number of potential bugs

Jan 16, 2008 2,63 Client:
New: Service status window added to the Dashboard.
New: A default device list file is now shipped with DomainScan
Updated: The setup wizard is now simpler to complete
Updated: Service and information during scanning improved
Changed: HOSTS file support is now disabled by default.
Changed: ‘Event Log’ & ‘Service Log’ shortcuts are now present in the 'Reports' menu
Changed: Text links in the 'Outlook bar' are now buttons
Fixed: Memory leakage
Fixed: Device list editor will no longer remove user notes
Fixed: Service wizard repair/reinstall now works even if the service is installed prior to reinstall

New: The scanning engine can now disable directory sync automatically if needed (per domain)
Updated: Improved GH Software Website synchronization.
Improved: Feedback upon STOP errors.
Improved: More robust against Per-device problems (9e760) and directory sync issues (2e8**)
Fixed/updated: The engine can now recover from a failed online database movement, and will no longer fail forever while trying to move files.
Fixed: The scanning engine no longer loops forever if all discovery options are disabled.

Dec 11, 2007 2,62 Client:
New: One can now see license unit usage in the main window
New: Option added that allows DomainScan to send usage statistics to GH Software
New: Users can now be obsolete
Improved: Device and user information dialogs.
Improved: ‘Connect as’ usability
Fixed: The Y-axis is now correctly formatted while showing Ping graphs

New: Option added that allows DomainScan to notify GH Software about engine crashes.
New: ‘Connect as’ can now be forced to ‘none’ (which means that DomainScan Service will connect with the credentials that the service is using)
Fixed: Mails will no longer be stored to disk, if the folder is \

Nov 26, 2007 2,61 Client:
New: Multiple new Data analysis reports.
Fixed: Databases can now be mounted though a share
Fixed: Device list editor will now use the correct folder location for device lists.
Changed: WMI and SNMP browsers will now use current security credentials by default
Improved: Error information upon mount errors

New: HOSTS support
New: Mail queue folder option
New: Support for Windows Home Server
New: Devices in a device list can now be marked so that the device is not created in the database before it’s seen as online (? Prefix)
Fixed: SNMP changed so that the ping packet is not empty.
Improved: Scan progress indicator
Improved: Eternal loop detection

Nov 2, 2007 2,6 Client:
New: IPv6 supported in Ping and Address tracker
New: ‘Window’ menu
New: Notes can be assigned to each user and device.
New: A deadline can be assigned to each User and device
New: Monitor overview added to the dashboard
New: Deadline information added to the dashboard
New: Multi-select now work on the device and user tabs in the main window.
New: Kiosk mode option for ‘Notes’
New: One can now test security credentials against any known device
Changed: Overview page has been renamed to Dashboard
Changed: Main menu back.
Removed: Tasks panel removed
Improved: Monitor overview page is now more intuitive.
Improved: Address tracker will now search Audit information for IP and MAC addresses
Improved: Redesign of Ping and Scanner tool UI
Improved: Obsolete functionality improved.
Improved: Domain Report HTML UI improved.
Improved: Visualization unit UI improved

New: IPv6 supported in Ping and Address tracker
New: Notification option if the log or event file is above X MB.
New: Multimedia audit
New: Audit can now detect all IP addresses assigned to a network adapter
Fixed: Backup and online movement now works correctly
Updated: GDB is now revision 3.5, and is not backward compatible.
Improved: SMTP handling
Changed: Monitors will no longer be executed on obsolete devices.
Changed: License unit usage calculations (~10% less unit usage)

Sep 18, 2007 2,53 Client:
New: One can now load monitor files as templates
New: One can now test monitors against any known device
Improved: Excluded devices in an IP range is now shown in gray with a yellow dot
Improved: The monitor interface has been improved
Changed: Ping tool: A 2 second delay has been introduced between each ping attempt.
Changed: Disk/Memory monitors will no longer issue a response if the Notification level has been reached.
Changed: WMI monitor queries are no longer case sensitive.

New: Heartbeat function added.
Changed: Disk/Memory monitors. Non-critical level has been renamed to Notification level, and will no longer trigger a response (the warning level can still trigger responses)

Aug 30, 2007 2,52 Client:
New: Device and user grouping in main window.
New: Added more device types (LDAP, Mail, Terminal, Database, File, Laptop, Firewall, Hub)
New: On-the-fly statistics in the main window when a cell in the user or device view is selected. Statistics are shown in the status bar.
New: On can now set whether or not a workgroup is a domain.
Improved: All device and user icons are replaced with better ones
Improved: Error description upon device or user warnings
Improved: User interface slightly improved with better grouping of some data sections.
Removed: 5 minute introduction (replaced with Getting Started)
Fixed: Correct display of 64 bit Vista/2008 editions.

New: Mails, sent from DomainScan, are now HTML formatted
New: Detection of new device types
Fixed: User events are now seen correctly.

July 24, 2007 2,51 Client:
Added: Response insertions in the process parameter (%name, %date, etc)
Added: It's now possible to use device security for WMI, SNMP and Network Search
Changed: The name of some external tools will now change accordingly to the installed version of Windows.
Improved: Preferences: About: Release notes are now formatted nicer
Improved: WMI, SNMP and Network Search user interfaces slightly improved
Improved: The 'Filter' menu is now also a submenu to the right-click menu
Fixed: Device type change now commits automatically
Fixed: Network search no longer returns the result set multiple times.

New: Preliminary Windows Server 2008 support
Changed: User Session monitoring can now be toggled (off by default)
Fixed: Notifications are now correctly added to the information log and the event log
Fixed: Event count are ever increasing for each time a device is offline

July 12, 2007 2,50 Client:
New: Preferences: Access control: It’s now stated whether or not the Client has access to the database
New: One can now specify which monitor->response pairs (specify which monitors that can trigger what responses)
New: The main overview page will now show scanning progress summary
New: Devices can now be marked as being obsolete
New: Backup step added to the Setup Wizard
Improved: The main window UI is updated, and it’s now easier to identify devices with events.
Improved: Monitor interface
Improved: Response interface
Improved: Tasks panel isn't as wide anymore
Improved: Settings: Service installation now shows what server it's currently managing
Improved: Domain suffix can now be set for normal workgroups also
Changed: Device and User dialogs completely reworked
Changed: The device list editor is now in its own window
Changed: The database can now be mounted even if it isn’t populated yet.
Changed: Information events are now shown as notifications
Fixed: It's now possible to connect to the registry on remote x64 editions of Windows
Fixed: User and Device prediction can no longer be less than 0
Fixed: DomainScan Client UI position is now correctly restored when the application is launched
Fixed: The ‘Techzone’ link in About doesn't work

New: Ping information for each device are now logged (if the option is enabled)
New: Devices can now be marked as obsolete
New: Events can now be written to a per-device event log
New: Pre-processing is now multithreaded – which causes a 40-50% scan time reduction in certain scenarios
New: A new database is now saved immediately in order for the Client to be able to mount the database before it’s populated
Updated: GDB is now revision 3.4, and is not backward compatible.
Changed: Information events are now reclassified as notifications
Changed: Events are now written to a CSV formatted log file for easier 3rd party interfacing.
Changed: Audit is no longer performed during the initial scan
Improved: Stability
Fixed: Engine scanning time is now logged correctly
Fixed: The number of events per device are now logged correctly
Fixed: A problem with monitors creating events, even if they're not supposed to.

Apr 1, 2007 2,31sr1 Client:
Fixed: Bug #60, #61
Added: Domain Suffix can now be set manually for domains.

Fixed: Bug #60, #61

Mar 27, 2007 2,31 Client:
New: DomainScan Light database can now be mounted
Changed: DomainScan Settings is now just Settings
Changed: About and GH Software Online is now implemented in Settings.
Improved: Service setup interface is redesigned. Furthermore, it is now shown what the current “Log On As” account name is.
Updated: Device and user tracking interfaces
Updated: Device audit interface

New: The service can now gather Process information
New: The collection of installed programs can now be disabled globally
Changed: The interface library is now built with Visual Studio 2005, and is longer dependant on external libraries.
Improved: Potentially enhanced security in the interface library.
Improved: Performance on Windows XP/2003 or newer operating systems
Fixed: The event log file is now backed up

Mar 8, 2007 2,30 Client:
New: The event log can be launched with F8
New: 5 minute introduction
New: Database synchronization is now multi threaded
New: Tasks panel
New: Information can now be sorted by date, type and ‘unsorted’
Improved: Domain Report
Improved: Behaviour during the initial scan
Changed: A lot of icons are updated.
Changed: Most shortcuts are redesigned
Changed: Database information in Settings are improved a lot, and features a lot of new information
Changed: Windows tools are now embedded in the navigation panel
Changed: DomainScan Client is now GDB rev 3.3 compatible
Changed: SNMP system improved and query interface redesigned + OID’s are now translated automatically
Changed: DomainScan will now warn if the file is above 8MB (local server) or 2MB (remote server)
Changed: Trend graphs for both devices and users are shown at the same time
Changed: The navigation panel is now detached from the view lists
Changed: Tab headers are now shown in the main window
Changed: The navigation panel is completely redesigned
Changed: The trend graph will always show data from the last 7 days (is data from 7 days are present)
Removed: Advanced toolbar
Removed: Main menu
Fixed: Some bugs and minor issues
Fixed: The number of CPU’s are now detected more correctly

New: Faster memory manager implemented (FastMM4)
New: Events and notifications are now written to a separate log file.
New: The GDB engine now supports a multithreaded synchronization host
New: Transparent compression (ZIP) support added to the GDB engine, causing 60-80% compression to audit and news sections.
New: Compression numbers are logged
Updated: GDB is now revision 3.3, and is not backward compatible.
Changed: The commit file is now named as [databasename]_commit.bdat
Improved: Audit interval for all devices are now 24 hours by default
Improved: Notification
Improved: Logging
Improved: Mails from DomainScan is now better formatted
Improved: SNMP monitors now supports multiple results

Jan 8, 2007 2,27 Client:
New: Domain and workgroup GUI
Added: Logon As + CPU cores added to the field list (for computers/devices)
Fixed: 'Last seen ---' is no longer shown for domains that has never been online
Removed: Domain information within Preferences

Added: Exchange & Terminal license servers are now detected upon directory synchronization
Fixed: An text-formatting bug within disk/memory monitors that would cause program termination

Dec 11, 2006 2,26 Client:
Added: Disk/Mem monitor updated with new options (check upon normal audit/check individual partitions)
Updated: Monitor setup wizard rearranged for simplified usage
Updated: Regression line calculation are now fully dynamically
Improved: One can now double-click on devices in main-monitor panel to launch device information
Improved: LogOnAsAService added to service installation in 'Preferences' (including an option not to use it)
Fixed: Regression line not always displayed correctly
Fixed: [name],[value] formatted WMI monitors failed to parse the data correctly
Fixed: Issue with the log file not being found
Fixed: WOL now fetches the MAC address from the time when the device was awake

Fixed: Scan progress > 100%
Fixed: The size of network drives are no longer included in audit or disk/mem monitor calculations
Fixed: The monitor system will not run responses if monitors are set not to
Improved: Monitor defaults has changed
Added: Disk/mem monitor options: Only check upon normal audit & Check individual partitions

Nov 27, 2006 2,25 Client:
Improved: Setup Wizard will now try to grant ‘Log on as a service’ rights automatically
Improved: In outlook-bar, device and user information has been updated, and is more informative
Fixed: Port editor editing now works correctly
Updated: GH Software Online component
Changed: In outlook-bar, ‘Options’ sections has been removed
+ a few minor UI improvements


Oct 31, 2006 2,24 Client:
Redesigned: Domain Report
Redesigned: Network tools
Added: Multi device capabilities added to Network tools
Added: One can now select which device types to include in the Domain Report
Fixed: A problem in ‘Overview’ with virtual devices being reported as network devices
Fixed: A problem with remote database mount.
Updated: HTML engine

Added: Correct detection of Windows Vista versions.

Oct 13, 2006 2,23 Client:
Added: Launch Remote Desktop option
Added: File search: The combined size of the files are now shown for each searched device.
Added: DomainScan Client will now run in NT4 (unsupported)
Added: Graphical representation of ping result
Changed: Ping tool reworked with a new user interface.
Changed: DualCore & HyperThreading processors are now shown as MultiCore processors.
Changed: WMI/SNMP editor moved
Changed: The database is now locked during network scan.
Improved: Preferences interface improved.
Improved: Address tracker GUI updated
Improved: Domain report GUI updated

New: The service will now run on Windows NT4 sp6a (unsupported)
New: VMWare virtual devices now detected as being virtual
Improved: Device domain shift detection improved
Improved: 64 bit processors detected correctly
Changed: CPU detection slightly changed to prepare for Vista capabilities

Sep 20, 2006 2,22 Client:
Added: In ‘Connect as’ it is now possible to select a Security login (WMI/SNMP and Search tools)
Improved: When a regression line is shown, X and Y intercepts are now shown
Improved: Security UI improved, and the password are now to be confirmed.
Fixed: A few UI related issues

Added: The service can now create user events, if local users are detected as being online
Improved: Minimized the risk that the watchdog causes timeout during Windows Network discovery
Improved: Device list parsing
Improved: Handling when a ‘difficult’ device is being monitored. This leads to lower scan cycle times and slightly increased stability
Changed: The amount of log information at level 9 is increased

Sep 4, 2006 2,21 Client:
Added: One can now specify if notifications are to be forwarded to an email recipient
Added: It can now be specified whether or not a response must trigger in case of user or device events (or both)
Added: An option that forces DomainScan to resync with the Directory
Improved: The user interface in the Monitor and Response wizards has been improved
Improved: In the main page, DomainScan will now remember the order and size of the selected fields that are shown.
Improved: The user interface for Directory account information in the User panel is redesigned
Improved: The setup wizard can now detect problems while installing the service better than before
Changed: The ‘Template’ option in the Monitor and Response wizards are now a menu item.
Fixed: A few minor issues that fixes stability issues (including one crash condition) in certain scenarios

Added: Notifications can now be forwarded to an email recipient
Improved: The network scan speed has increased.
Fixed: A seldom issue in the database could lead to DomainScan not being able to start.
Fixed: Devices specified in Device lists could be reported as offline even if the device is online.

Aug 10, 2006 2,2 Client:
Added: Audit can now collect installed software (installed with Windows Installer)
Added: Various normally used device information is now shown in the device overview page
Added: User monitors to the Monitor Wizard – allows for a number of user monitors (for instance, monitor if a user is online)
Added: Devices now shows the effective login that is used.
Improved: Device and User information pages redesigned with “dynamic” usage graphic.
Improved: Preferences:Domains redesigned
Improved: Monitor and response presentation is now improved and presented evenly across the entire application.
Improved: The main overview page and the advanced toolbar are updated to present data better.
Changed: Monitors and Devices are now shown in the same page by default.
Fixed: The port-monitor test function will now test for all ports in the monitor, also ports that is not known by name.
Fixed: A number of bugs due to source quality inspection

Updated: GDB revision 3.2
Added: Notifications (enabled by default)
Added: Audit can now collect installed software (installed with Windows Installer)
Added: User monitor can now notify the user if the number of allowed logins is exceeded.
Added: The number of UserSessions on servers are now detected in the normal device “Tracking”
Added: Detection of Dual-Core processors.
Changed: The log level is now higher during the initial scan
Improved: Device errors during scan will now create notifications
Improved: WMI monitors can now evaluate all returned rows
Fixed: Monitors and responses are now executed correctly

July 10, 2006 2,1 Client:
Added: Regression line support.
Added: Advanced toolbar in main window.
Added: DomainScan can now warn if a user/device is online or if a device is offline.
Added: Monitors & Responses can now be exported/imported
Added: Audit changes on domain level can now be pushed to all devices.
Added: Computers and Network Devices pages in the main window can now be merged
Added: Week numbers on date pickers (optional)
Improved: Visualization engine (redesigned – v3.0)
Improved: Monitor and Overview pages in the main window
Improved: Feedback upon scanning troubles
Improved: Kiosk mode features
Changed: Break-down tools renamed to 'data analysis'
Changed: Usage-graph renamed to ‘Trend graph’
Fixed: A number of issues

Updated: GDB revision 3.1
Improved: Feedback upon 'browser-service' issues
Improved: Database mount and synchronization
Improved: Commit file parsing
Fixed: A few monitor-related issues

May 22, 2006 2,02 Client:
Improved: Database load and synchronization + feedback to users
Improved and enhanced: Hardware audit and visualization support
Added: 'All domains' in Domain Report
Fixed: 'Clear recent list' does not work
Fixed: Remote database may not load
Fixed: Audit always shows the current user

Fixed: Uptime is no longer increased on newly found devices
Fixed: Device types cannot be changed

May 5, 2006 2,01 Client:
New: Device list editor added
New: Event balloons are now optionally (default is on)
Improved: Overview GUI
Added: Option to include offline devices in device filter search lists.
Changed/fixed: Auto pre-commit is now on by default.
Fixed: Precommit would fail, if trial-period were active.
Fixed: Changing the monitor/response setup could cause DomainScan to crash
Fixed: Wrong IP Range monitor icon

Added: Detection for Terminal Services, Windows 2003 R2 and 64 bit editions.
Added: Devices can now be detected as computers, based on the information from the LAN manager.
Added: Process-responses now support the ‘%device’ tag.
Changed: Severity for disk/memory warnings is now half of critical severity
Improved: Email responses with numerous events will now show the number of events and the maximum severity in the top of the mail.
Fixed: Secondary commit file were not deleted after a recovery
Fixed: Audit may report an incorrect OS version
Fixed: DomainScan now reports sender as ‘DomainScan Service’ without a double ‘Service’

Apr 18, 2006 2,0 [Initial release]